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Let's keep scene talk in pouet and other scene forums then..

The demoscene is all about fame and competition. These days it's not as bad as in the early 90s (no fistfights between rival groups / personalities at parties any more), but the competition is still there.

If you release test routine demos, then this is the response you will get from people who expect quality. Release it "seriously" (like this appears to be) and it is an insult to the other guys who pride on quality. Don't make fun of something where other people work hard to achieve good results. If you can't code yet, learn to code and then release, that's what is expected of everyone else too. I don't see much of a statement in releasing stuff that is well behind everyone else either.. It does raise the entry threshold, but that is no different to any other competitive hobby.. You don't go into the olympics after your first long jump attempt either, you just do not qualify.

Unfortunately there is no time machine that will teleport newcomers to 1987 when people were still amazed to see colourful copperbars on their screen and nobody knew how to make use of the hardware yet. They just have to practice behind the scenes until they're ready to compete.

Anyone who's been around that community will know this and shouldn't throw a hissy fit when he gets the expected response after releasing shit. Reading this thread, it's not the OP who has a problem with the reaction given, but other forum dwellers who feel pity on the OP.

This thread doesn't really have a place in here though - this is EAB, which I believe is not primarily a demoscene hangout, even though there is some overlap, so let's just lock it and move on to EAB style topics.

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