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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
StingRay I swear you deliberately miss the point sometimes.
Someone is indeed missing the point here, I just wonder if it's really me... What you seem to forget, these demos were released as scene productions so they are judged as that! Where's the point to praise them like they are the best thing since sliced bread when they aren't good at all, neither from a technical nor from an artistic point of view? It would be a completely different thing if these demos would have been released here at EAB f.e. (as some sort of "hey folks, look what I've made" sort of thing), you can be 1000% sure that I would have reacted totally different then because THEN it would have been elitist to slag them off. But as said, these are SCENE productions and the BITS dudes consider themselves to be part of the scene so they know the rules!

Anyway, feel free to lock this thread, it won't make the BITS demos any better and it wouldn't make me praise them either.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey
All involved cut it out please and take your worthless, arrogant and elitist comments elsewhere.
And how is this NOT arrogant and elitist? Who are you to judge if comments are "worthless, arrogant and elitist"? Just because you don't agree (and apparently don't understand how certain things work) doesn't give you any right to call comments worthless.

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