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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
No, you're right, you're missing the point too (and the rest of my post, curiously...?)

I'm sorry, but demo scene elitism or whatever has no place here, there isn't an excuse for it. End of. Any more and this thread will be locked.
I think quite a few are missing the point here.

It didn't start off as being 'elitist' in the first place, Stingray quite rightly pointed out the flaws in these intros/demos where they wouldn't correctly work on the machines they were supposed to work on, there was nothing elitist about that, merely constructive criticism.

The 'elitist' part only came into play when it was clearly obvious that the person responsible for the intros/demos didn't want to hear about how a couple of lines of code could fix them.

Sure, the topic has degenerated somewhat, but there has to be give and take.

Someone put their work up for appraisal, and it was naivety to expect everyone to roundly pat them on the back and say 'well done'.

Personally, I couldn't care less if the BITS demos/intros are hopeless and primitive, but the very least I would expect, is if an experienced coder gives them a heads up to at least ensure that their code works on all Amigas, they should have the decency to listen.

Well, thats my two cents worth.
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