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Originally Posted by Rixa View Post
Unlike many others I'm a bit disappointed at the image quality - I'm having some ghosting on the right side of sharp vertical edges. Wondering if there is a bad contact somewhere.


If only I could get rid of that ghosting somehow.

I had the exact same problem. Or, well, to make a short story long: to begin with I also had the "damn card won't stay in place"-problem, it was totally impossible to get the "click" on my normal a1200, but eventually I managed to get it to stick in another 1200 with a wooden kitchen... thing, and a lot of force.

However, I still had ghosting and some flickering + blue blocks next to some text (red on black background for example). Tried 3 different monitors and two different cables, and was about to give up.... When I suddenly realized that I had tried that other vga-cable only once, with the original 1200. So, 15 minutes ago I gave it one final chance with a new cable, and.... voila! Perfect picture. So I bet/hope that's your problem.

Edit: Just to clarify, the vga-cable that caused ghosting etc has never given me problems before, and words fine with a normal PC - no issues there. So changing cable, even if the one you have now if "fine", is definitely worth a try.
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