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I'm still having some ghosting at sharp edges. Took the board out, wiped Lisas pins with IPA like someone suggested, then when I put it back I pushed it as much as I could. Didn't help.

It's not a big problem, mostly just makes it annoying to hear everyone else praising how flawless their image is. It's nothing like what I'd expect from a loose fit of the board, for example like what ant512 got in comment #247. It's more analog in nature, like what a cheap and crappy VGA cable would do. And thats what I'm suspecting at the moment.. but it'd have to be the ribbon cable because I didn't have this before. I tried moving it around in case its picking up interference, but that didn't affect the picture at all.

Don't really know what more I could do about that.

Meanwhile, any tips about modifying the upper RF shield? Should I take out the entire section that sits under the hard disk caddy, or can I do with something less than that? I'm not very comfortable with modifying it and not even sure what tools to use.
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