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Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
i just lament the fact that Windows Vista is neglected from the guys that made the magnavox 1 emulator (no real DOS available).

I would lament that the guys neglected the XBOX too, as it is a great emulation machine. but i don't have an XBOX.

which i should lament in the first place.

but i don't have a TV either, so maybe i should lament that first.

on the other hand, next year the analogic tv signal will stop being cast in favour of the digital one, so, before, i should lament that definitely.

if i hadn't passed the entire evening looking for 8bit and even 5,3bit emulation, which has confused myself no small deal, probably i could choose between lamenting that or this.

but of course i cannot. which is lamentable.
Since you're in the mood you could lament about crap posts as well, but don't get depressive.
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