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Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
well he don't even bother to show up again (after the first post), to give a reply, and tell if this is a joke or not.
But can only agree with those other guys, if you want to code demos you should start learning before releasing stuff. I can't do anything else but a bit basic stuff, and I wouldn't bother anyone with the shit I made.
Would you bother to show up again after getting slated in that way???? I know that I would probably be quite offended after seeing some of the comments here!

I agree that the demo's are **** (Insert expletive as necessary), however I dont think SoLo2 needs slating for it... He is making an effort to learn after all - and perhaps he should be encouraged instead? Maybe it would be more constructive to give hime some advice on how he can make good demo's? Perhaps that is the reason he is releasing the demo's even?
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