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Read only so many of the comments here but i find some of the things said as interesting

Amstrads were obviously not up to the task of easily moving stuff all that well and that colour scheme was an aquired taste, but like most 8bits really, i still have very fond memories

I sometimes measure how much i enjoy a machine by how warm it's atmosphere is and it's here that Amstrad does rather well.The C64 with it's washed out palette was rather cold in comparison (i however love the cloudy day atmosphere the C64 has) even though it's by far the best of all these machines overall

To be honest any machine you spend a good amount of time with normally ends up making a lasting memory and it doesn't actually matter which machine is best if it's the one you had at the time.ST's were basically like Amiga's without any of the good stuff for scrolling etc but i loved the machine and it's yucky os which is obviously ghastly compared to what Amiga has

Amstrads had a lovely warm blue background with yellow writing on start up and it felt the nicest of all 8bit machines in this respect if you were dabbling with it's programming language.Fairly pukey palette overall of course but like the Spectrum, this was part of it's lasting charm

C64 was probably the best mix of everything (great hardware for arcade stuff and the amazing sid) and was the PS2 of it's day.Struggled with 3d of course but like the PS2 it got pushed harder than the other machines i would say.The Atari should have trounced the C64 in truth though and i'm not sure ive' ever seen much great running on it - always looks like lego compared to even the C64's chunky sprites and same too i guess with most Amstrad games.In fact it was C64's limited but more natural looking colours that made for more realistic(if you could call it that) looking graphics - not at all garish were they

Great days the 8bits though i'm rather glad i didn't have an MSX after all

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