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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
The CPC464 was the first home computer I personally owned. I had used Spectrums, C64's and many different Acorn BBCs, but the first system you ever got to personally own was always something special.

I remember the heated arguments in the playground over which system was better. In reality they all had good and bad points and on the whole the CPC saw most games ported, and a lot of them were good version. There were obviously loads of direct spectrum ports so those saw no advantages of the CPC's better hardware, and some were just badly written. But some such as Gryzor really showed what the system could do.

Great memories. I still fire up some CPC emulation from time to time to relive some of the games I used to enjoy. Even Roland on the Ropes brings back some good memories! :
It was also my first system, the CPC 464, hehe. I think it had cost around 300 with the green screen monitor. My father managed to pick up a colour one for 2 about 6 months after at an auction. Getting that monitor for 2 must have been the bargain of last century?
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