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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
So - stick the drive in the PC and copy the filesystem over -it's simple, right?


Drive is recognised by BIOS, then by Vista as new hardware, then driver is installed by "New Hardware " wizard. So far - so good.

Into Explorer - the drive only shows up as a CD-ROM. WTF????

Same sh@t with 2 different drives, a Quantum Fireball 3.2 gig and a fujitsu also 3.2 gigs.

I'm REALLY PO'd here - 3 nights fannying around with this and I'm still in a worse position than when I started. Looks like its back to ClassicWB for now.

Install:WinUAE Windows:

Put the Amiga formatted HD into the PC.
Extract the file to the WinUAE dir.
Start the emulator and click once to the AmigaSYS configuration and load it. Go to the ROM section and add the Kickstart Rom file (3.x). Then save the configuration and start the emulation.

Install AmigaSYS, follow the instructions, you can change disks with F12. When you finished and the system boot up, quit from the emulator.

Start the emulator, load the AmigaSYS configuration, at the HDD section, add your harddisk (check the read/write option!). When you ready, start the emulation.

Description may help a lot.

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