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Received my Indivision today in Finland.

Installation was uneventful. It didn't need the kind of force described here to click into place, but seems firmly seated.. I pulled it a bit and it doesn't have the feeling it wants to pop off. Certainly doesn't fall if I turn the computer upside down.

For the VGA mount I had prepared for beforehand by bending and sawing the back plate of an old graphics card so that it fits snugly into the corner, other side squeezed between the lower RF shield and the plastic casing, the bent end being supported by the plastic ridges at the bottom. It feels surprisingly sturdy considering I made no modifications to the casing to keep it in place.

I'm not having the upper RF shield in now. I had actually lost my original one and ordered a new one before knowing that the Indivision doesn't fit under it. Seeing as I have little use for it now unless I cut it, I'll probably make a hole later to make it fit.

Since I can no longer use the hard disk caddy for fastening My CF/IDE adapter, its now just sitting on top of the Indivision. I took scissors and a sheet of cardboard and made a little tray around it for insulation. Seems okay until I figure out something better.

I'm using a CRT monitor. Unlike many others I'm a bit disappointed at the image quality - I'm having some ghosting on the right side of sharp vertical edges. Wondering if there is a bad contact somewhere. The cable was very short and didn't really leave much choice on how to draw it. Or perhaps the board really isn't firmly enough seated, but as mostly it seems to function just all right. I didn't have this problem with my external scandoubler. Also, the right edge of NTSC high res laced screens shows some flickering.

Flashed the new firmware, no issues. The black and white in the configuration utility color scheme seems to be designed for workbench 1.3 colors, which is an odd choice for an A1200-exclusive product. The close button of the window doesn't do anything, need to find the quit button within.

All in all I'm pretty happy about the thing. If only I could get rid of that ghosting somehow.
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