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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
It is. As previously mentioned I did a quick install of workbench off the floppies and it booted just fine.

The archive was downloaded into winuae and un-lha'd there. I used nero to put it on cd and copied it off there onto the a4k. All long filenames are present and correct, and individual files appear to have copied over intact - I can read text files and programs run ok.

It just does not want to boot into the initial installation script.
Very odd. Maybe burning them using nero is the problem?

What about using ISOCD (From the CD32 dev kit) in winuae, and making a iso, then use nero to burn that. So basically nero does'nt touch the files then. This is the way I have make all my disc's Amiga wise, as I know windows can screw with the files and mess some up. I have even had windows mess up startup-sequence files in the past. Which would cause it not to boot, once copied to HDD of Amiga.
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