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Can anyone point me in the direction of some useful info (tips) regarding this...
...I've recently installed it (& Zune) on my 68k miggy & am having some trouble getting it to work properly:
-Skinning & fonts systems non-working - options greyed-out.
-No sign of Zune on boot up.

Yes, I've read the included docs & followed them to the letter.
Yes, I've removed incompatible stuff like Birdie, VisualPrefs, TitileShadow...

Yes, It is running: I've followed the trouble-shooting instructions to check that the various patches/libs are indeed loaded.

FWIW: I'm already v. pleased with what is running - The icon support renders images MUCH faster & more accurately than even my hacked 3.9...
...yet to try the .PNG support.

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