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Actually Dizzy it sort of makes a quirky sense in that the Xbox is no longer being sold or produced for sale. You can find some used and/or refurbs from various online sources but you can still find the PS2 being sold new along side it's PS3 sibling.

I think the discusssion is more about the game, in your case Burnout Revenge, which I have for my Xbox as well, and how it plays and/or looks on the Xbox vs. the PS2.

I like the fact you can mod the hell out of the original Xbox to give it EMU capabilities and using it as an Xmame box is a nice idea

As for the Playa Hatin on Microsoft, well sure, that's bound to happen.

I work for a company that uses/shares both Windows, Linux(CentOS & Red Hat) along with a new device we use running something called pfSense which is a modified version of Monowall that runs on a BSD and is powered by a 433MHz AMD Goede CPU on an ALIX board that is completely headless.

Now how's that for completly OT
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