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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
@Chuckles - I like boxing games, especially Ready 2 Rumble on DC. Are Fight Nights close to this one? (cover looks more serious game)
I'm not familiar with Ready 2 Rumble, so I can't compare it to Fight Night. Fight Night is one of the EA series of sports games though, with a career mode as well as the ability to take on a lot of boxing's best fighters in individual matches. The control scheme is about as intuitive as I can imagine, with the control sticks being used to control the movements of each arm/fist. There aren't any real complicated button sequences to have to learn, which makes it that much better. It's also a blast to play in 2 player mode, and that's a great way to take out any pent-up hostility against someone else. I had a lot of fun playing against my son, and kicking his butt without leaving any marks that would get me in trouble with his mom.
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