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Do not forget Digital Dungeon, Banana Republic and Gangsta's Paradise (follows Commodore Wire descriptions):

Elysium's Banana Republic is another massive collection - I'd estimate it holds around 4500 titles! One interesting thing about the BR that I've noticed is the large proportion of T64 files to be found here...

The Digital Dungeon is another great source of classic C64 games, divided into two sections - the main archive and the new archive. This "new" section contains a number of games that have only recently been cracked (generally speaking, the newer the crack, the better - more cheat options, docs, etc). The games you'll find in there are the best versions around, guaranteed! Between the two sections, the Digital Dungeon totals 3200 games.

The games archive offered at Gangsta's Paradise contains some newer, less well known titles as well as several classics, with the quantity reaching 2500 in total. (down due a hd crash) (Digital Dungeon mirror)

For more links, check Commodore Wire, they have a nice list:
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