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what I like is Vendetta on C64. Action scenes like in Last ninja connected with driving action. Pretty cool. I could imagine something like that.
Honestly, I'm not pessimistic about the project, but don't want to see when flying imaginations falling down with the fate of "abandonity" where all efforts disappears, as the game won't be released. The only thing I can set to the classic low-end configs is the visual environment. Have I seen ultra smooth parallax scrolling in OCS/ECS/AGA games? Yes. Have seen the same on GFX-cards? No. I expect the same feeling from a game anytime what was given by Alien Breed, Shadow of the Beast Trilogy, Turrican Trilogy, etc. If a game which is szstem friendly and can give the same graphical result but with 604x480, I'll welcome it. Until that I'm waiting, because the current gfx really looks cool.

Also thinking to offer some music written by me, but don't know if it fits into the mood of the game by the creator(s). I know that the musician already have been chosen, but who knows.
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