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no "music appearing in your head from nothing" - you always rip off the things you heard before (unintentionally)
I do agree with this, i make music and sometimes i make a melody and people say "wow this looks alot like this song".

Making a unique song is very hard nowadays (how many songs / melodies are there in the world nowadays, TRILLIONS).

But for me i also make amiga-remixes and putting them on for fun and for the community.

I be honest, If i would be famous (Dream on lol) and wanted to publish a amiga-remix in the world on TV etc i would only do it if the original musician that made it would agree with it and share my profit with him and give him original credits for it. I think thats how it should be. I would certainly not do it for the money but to show the world how good amiga-music and amiga-musicians are. Would love to make amiga famous again :-D
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