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Thoughts (mine):

3.9: 'Nicest' but a bit bloated by AOS standards - with a bit of chopping + a few hacks can be made to work well on surprisingly low-end Amigas.
3.5: Like a 'rough' 3.9 but rather less resource hungry.
3.1: Fine everywhere but takes a lot of hacks to make it 'funky'.
2.05 on a 3.1 KS: The dog's danglies when it comes to speed & low resource use...
...2.05 is surprisingly compatible / functional resting on top of a 3.1 KS. WB 3.1 bits can be retro-fitted if you have 'issues'.

...or don't bother with the hard work & go for one of the (very good) pre-made versions.
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