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Hmm, well. That was less successful than I'd hoped.

Got the Amiga apart and fitted the Indivision. It doesn't fit securely at all - it clips over the Lisa chip, but as people have already said, a knock will dislodge it and you'll need to take the computer apart to refit it. Just hope it never happens when it's in use.

You can't use the hard disk mounting bracket when the Indivision is fitted. Not too much of a problem; I insulated my hard disk and placed it on top of the Indivision. Hopefully the extra weight of the drive will hold the scandoubler in place. Similarly, you can't use the Indivision and a Prelude 1200 at the same time, as I'd feared. They just won't fit.

Got the VGA socket mounted in the backing plate from a Blizzard SCSI kit. The SCSI kit is in my tower just acting as an extra SIMM socket, so I've never needed the backing plate. Came in quite handy!

Put it all back together - won't boot. It seems my Blizzard 1260 is dead. Nuts. Replaced it with the 1230-IV from another Amiga and it starts up.

The display flickers like crazy when set to the default 1.25x setting, both on my CRT (Samsung SyncMaster 957p 19") and TFT (Hanns G 17"). It's not the monitor flickering, but the signal being sent by the Indivision. Whole chunks of the screen flick in and out and dance about the display. Swapped it to use the 1.0x setting and it's a lot more stable. It still jumps about, though.

The colours are wrong. I think it's shifted to the blue end of the spectrum. White is definitely blue-shifted when I look at the grabs I took in Photoshop.

It's also got the same fringing effect I used to get on my transparent external scandoubler. Whole bands of pixels flick between different shades of the same colour.

I've attached a couple of photos. The first one shows the banding effect. The gradient here is supposed to go from red, through pink, to orange. It's not supposed to turn purple half-way through (with a weird mirror-image below). You can't see it flickering, natch, but it was.

The second photo shows the discolouration problem. The colours are all off, and since when were the shadows in IK+ red?

In summary - the quality of the display is considerably worse than the external Eyetech scandoubler I've already got. At least I didn't buy two, eh?
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