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i just wanted to make it clear i wasnt having a go at anybody although after readin my own post i can understand that it could be taken out of context

just incase any body thought i was

i didnt take ure reply as a flame just wanted to make sure no one took my post that way either

really its got to be cool
if he can get it runnin on others comps he will be the most popular person im emulation history i think
for me anyways

slightly o/t but i got microproses knights of the sky

and that supposedly just will not run under emulation either so perhaps ths is just one of those games

besides all the floppys of CP have faults that r comon to pirate games

its obv only gonna run of a hard file but perhaps cody (?) donwloaded a hard file in the first place or got the floppys from a now defunct site

i guess i will stick to sabre team and jetstrike for now simple but fun

like my girlf
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