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Tricky - I've no idea what your adapter is but from your photos it looks like the the tracks aren't close to the edge of the PCB...
...If it's a case of 'I'm buying an Indivision & I'll just have to buy a Lyra too' you have nothing to loose. I'd suggest the following:
Out with the keyboard adapter, in with the Indivision, and try to put the keyboard adapter back in...
...Have a good look @ where the PCB's overlap, if possible try to mark it out with a magic marker...
...back out with the keyboard adapter & fingers crossed none of your drawing overlaps traces on the adapter.
Now for the fun bit:
Cut the excess off! I'd suggest using a Dremmel; massaging the fit with a grinding bit, or removing big bits with a thin cutting wheel.
If one or two traces will be cut in the above process it may still be doable - Follow the traces for their connections & after the butchering session repair by soldering 'patch-wires' for the bits that are now missing.
Brave pills may be required... Good. Dead? You've lost nothing IMO.

Nice piccies there.
Out of curiosity what HighGFX driver version are you using?
How warn is your Indivision getting?
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