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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Wow and I missed that one. Thanks for the linkies blade
I would never have thought that someone like Timberland would rip scene music. What a jerk
Not a problem mate! It makes you wonder though just "how many" songs Timberland has produced that he has blatantly ripped from others without them knowing!? maybe about 90% of his productions are not his!? Not to mention the rest of those talentless shits covered in 20,000 whores, overdosing on there bling bling and gold chains whilst singing ( if you would call it that? ) about useless brainless shit all using the same beats and shit easy to produce sounds while making a ton of money out of the gullible idiots that buy their albums!!

I guess i am not having a good day today!.. LOL.... must be because X-Out wasn't chosen..
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