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Very nice DDNI.

An observation that I'd be interested in seeing if others can confirm:
My main reason for buying an Indivision was so I could run 1024x768 using the HighGFX drivers without getting a headache...
...I had a moment of wondering if my new toy was broken!
-Display not centring on the screen, tearing of the pixels on the WB-bar, lots of flickering / blanking when I dragged stuff round the screen...

No amount of fiddling with monitor settings, tooltypes, overscsan settings, or indeed the Indivision setup proggie would help - Yes, I checked; it was properly installed in my A1200...
...There's three versions of HighGFX on aminet: 40_4, 40_5, 40_6 & in conjunction with installing my Indivision I upgraded to the 40_6 version as it was released for said FF...
...downgrading has cured all the above problems!

Another observation:
The Indivision setupup proggie works fine (only V0.8 I realise) & is perfectly usable but the GUI is pretty mangled on my system - how about others?

Yet another observation:
My Indivision gets pretty warm (not uncomfortably hot) in the middle - where the flatter of the Altera chips sits above Budgie...
...others experience the same?
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