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Mine was delivered yesterday, but I haven't fitted it yet. Got something of a dilemma. Which 1200 to fit it in? The posts here have whittled down my options somewhat. It won't fit in my tower because I've got a keyboard adaptor plugged into it (probably the same one as DDNI, but I don't fancy cutting things). Shame, because there's a spare VGA-sized hole on the back plate of my CV64/3D. It won't fit in my desktop 060 because that's got a Prelude in it that sits in the clockport, and it looks like the scandoubler blocks that. And I'm not sure it'll fit in my 030 desktop either, as that one has a big old 2.5" drive in it and I was planning on putting my Delfina in that at some point (it won't work with an 060 accelerator, so the 030 is the only option for that card).

I might have to move the Prelude into the 030, put the scandoubler in the 060, and just sell the Delfina (I've never used it and don't imagine I will, really).
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