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Ahh, my Indivision is in too.

Mounted much as SG's with the slight difference that I used an old GFX card as a template so the VGA port is mounted behind rather than in the plastic if you see what I mean... I have to work out where to put the port for my Blizzard's SCSI card. For now this will do but when I've had my brave pills I think I'll return the SCSI & let-in the VGA port just around the corner...

...Fantastic output - a little tearing noted on TFT @ the extreme top of the screen under 1024x768 (HighGFX). Time to go download the tweak utility I suspect...

...Hmmm, FastATA & Indivision cards:
These two are not physically compatible! I bought a BVision kit along with my Indivision & I can report that the two will happily share the A1200 mobo with the aid of two pairs of socket-risers (ROM chips)...
...BUT that's no good for a desktop case as you can't get the keyboard down!

Now, I don't particularly care as I'm on the verge of ritually burning mine but it may be a consideration to others...
...for now it can go in my other A1200 & I'll consider getting an IDEFix Express.
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