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'Good, good, good, good vibrations...'

It's a sunny morning here in the UK (well my bit of it). The first sunny morning since I got back from holls!

Imagine my delight & surprise! (not just about the unexpected weather) The postie had a parcel from Amigakit in his hand!

So unexpected - I made the order just before midnight on the 11th! Today it's the 13th!!!
Now that's what I call prompt service - thanks Amigakit.

So exited!
It's stupid, I know, but I haven't been this pleased to see a parcel since I was a child.
In a fit of sadness I got out the camera to 'document' the opening ceremony...
...ahh! Very, very well packaged. All the parts I ordered present & correct.

And there it was: My new Indivision! Quick, quick, earth myself before I have a fiddle.
I must say it's a very professionally produced package, especially given these days of low-volume production.
The Indi itself?
A fantastic piece of work! Well done to Jens - I can't wait to shove it in my miggy.


Of course my 4 year old daughter is now kicking off big-style because I've dared to show a few moments interest in something other than her.
Nothing's perfect but for now; 'good enough'.

Once again my sincere thanks to Amigakit & Jens for continuing to support the Amiga community - there really can't be much profit in it these days so I hope my thanks in some small way goes towards making it worthwhile to you.

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