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My CF/IDE adapter is currently just resting on top of the Indivision, It was velcroed to the RF Shield, Insulation is provided by the Velcro still affixed and covering the entire adapter.

I have yet to refit my RFshield as I was too tired last night and I am still debating should I modify it & refit or not, Refitting as you quite rightly say gives flexibility to reposition HD's or CF interfaces back onto the shield.

My feeling is that I will refit during the weekend.

I totally agree with you regarding the mounting for the VGA connector, in my opinion the only real shortfall of the product.
Cutting the Plastic Trapdoor cover may not provide too strong a solution Other choice is too hot glue a butchered old VGA card slot which I'm not too keen on either....Still thinking about this one..

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