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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post
You are right the hard disk caddy is not useable, but these days with CF / IDE adapters it's not so bad, you can still use a HD with a longer cable & some repositioning, My CF / IDE sits on top of the Indivision (insulated).
This is inconvenient and something I would have expected to have been mentioned before .. same for the physical incompatibility with the RF shield cover and lack of a proper lid for the VGA connector. I'm not very happy with modifying original parts..

I use a CF/IDE adapter, but I attached it to the caddy to keep it from swinging about or hitting things. I need to think of something else now. How did you insulate yours?

As for the RF shield, you say it is recommended to keep it but cut it to accomodate the board? Perhaps the CF/IDE adapter could even be attached to the RF shield.
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