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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post

No software is bundled as the unit works straight out of the box without needing drivers.

However you can download the configuration tool from Individual Computers website

This utility allows you to set the scanline option & the 50Hz / 62Hz mode options, as well as a flashing tool for firmware updates.

The Tooltype options sounds cool, but at this stage don't know if it is necessary because The Indivision seems to cope with all Lisa Output modes used by Games That I have tried so far, obviously long term testing by us all may find some incompatibilities though... Who knows yet?

Yeah, found the link. Thanks! So it's not a commodity and currently there's no other way to control the settings from outside. An AREXX port would be a nice addition.

I'm not really concered with compatibility. I'm sure it does a great job. But some games look better with scanlines while others don't. Some would benefit from a 2x multiplier while others run happily at 2,5x. Or using 2,5x for working in workbench (less eye strain) and switching to 2x for games (tearing?).

Too bad it hasn't got a pass-through mode but it's still a brilliant product.
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