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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I'd like to know how good the scan-rate converter is.

FYI the scan-rate converter changes the input vertical refresh rate of PAL screens (50Hz) into a higher vertical refresh rate within the range of all LCD's. (75Hz?)

Can anyone try some smooth scrolling horizontal and vertical games (or scroll texts) and see how bad they are affected?

Hi Alex.

I didn't have time to download the configuration tools to set the rate to 50Hz last night so my Indivision is running at 62Hz

I ran One of my faves Finball Fantasies & yes the scrolling is not totally smooth but so much better than my Microway on the A2000 (50Hz), There are no fuzzy artefacts as the scrolling occours & after a few seconds the slight motion effect was easily ignored & I couldn't stop playing.

Hope this gives some idea


BTW nice Mounting viddi, Looks good
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