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Originally Posted by gklinger View Post
That's a bummer. I guess that means it won't work with IDE modules either.


The Benefits do outweigh having to use an IDE cable.

Currently my CFIDE Adapter is happly sat on top of the Indivision (insulated of course) with the std 2.5" cable.

As Matthew will confirm, we were both blown away by the output quality it really is first rate, remember this is a completly new output processor & DAC to analogue VGA circuit being added to your A1200 & Jens has got the signal quality & performance specs spot on.

I Will defnitely post an install guide with Piccies updating my A1200 project in my album on saturday. Bet you guys won't believe what my "Orange" A1200 looks like now

3 Things to think about first though.

1 Mounting the VGA connector, quite disappointed that the kit did not include this as std, options are modify existing old PC VGA card slot support, or drill & file the required hole on the A1200 rear trapdoor plastic cover.

2 The Top RF shield, Jens recomends this is modified (cut out) & refitted to keep EMI to a minimum & reduce the risks of random crashes. mmm Bizzare tools & sliced fingers on the way methinks.

3 Some A1200 Mother boards have a factory mod running a small awg wire along the side of Lisa (mine does Rev 1D2), although the wire is not an issue, the factory positioned glue to hold the wire disturbs the Indivisions Lisa socket slightly not allowing the new PCB to sit completly flush. I'm going to look at melting some of this glue away with an iron, rather than using a dremmel on the Lisa Socket.

BTW Jens now has the config utilities on the Individual Computers website under "support"

It has been worth the wait guys, you will love it.

More Updates to follow.

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