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Quick tip: If thomas gives conflicting advice to me, listen to him he knows more about this than me.

Having possibly lead you to do this the hard way (apologies) where next?

You need a working 3.1 with CDRom support (either on floppy of on HDD)
If you installed 3.1 onto HDD the fixhddsize link thomas posted is liable to be useful to you.

Running 3.1:
-Bang the 3.5CD & a floppy into their respective drives.
-Fire up the 3.5 installer.
-Choose the 'make an emergency disc' option. You'll need another floppy here.
-Put the 'important' contents of that SFS archive onto the emergency disc.
-If needed put fixhddsize on that disc too. (room may be tight, more than one floppy)
Turn off.
-Boot with the 3.5 disc.
-If you have 3.1 on hdd already run fixhddsize to 'find' the rest of your HDD.
-Fire up HDToolBox & add partitions as you wish. (don't forget the restrictions regarding boot/SYS: partitions) The defaults will do.
-If not already done tick as bootable your future SYS: partition.
-Notice the two buttons bottom-right of the GUI? One (can't remember) will open a window allowing you to add a custom file-system. Use that to navigate to where you put SFS & install it into your HDD.
-Next select each of your partitions in turn. Click the 'other' button on the bottom-right. The new window has a menu top-left. With this you can select SFS instead of FFS. (most likely named here CFS/0) DO NOT DO THIS TO THE 3.1 PARTITION ON YOUR HDD if you want to keep its contents!

Back to WB:
-See all those new partition icons? Format them all giving them appropriate names. Sys, system, workbench would do for your boot/SYS: partition. ONLY QUICK FORMAT! Don't format your 3.1 partition if you have one & want to keep it. I'd suggest only the boot/SYS: partition needs a bin.
-Install 3.1 (if you haven't already).
-Install 3.5pre (the 3.5 installer?).
-Install 3.5main (the installer again).
There may be some reboots involved here.

Now, if you started with a 3.1 boot floppy you're done

If you started with 3.1 on your HDD then your new Boot partition with 3.5 on it will still be using FFS!

If so:
-Copy the whole contents of your new 3.5 partition (inc the hidden folders) to another partition suitable for booting (under 2&4gb).
-Fire up HDToolBox (again) & make that partition bootable. Then, as above, change that FFS partition to SFS.
-From WB quickFormat your boot/SYS: partition! Oh-yes! Don't worry, you copied it & made to copy bootable.
-Now you can copy it all back again, remembering to make sure in HDToolBox that it's bootable.
(there may be a couple of reboots in the above)

Now all the partitions are SFS, AND you have two bootable copies of your new 3.5 install.

The bad:
That was more work than necessary...

The good:
With two bootable partitions if you stuff up your main one your miggy should automatically boot from the backup - neat eh?
Boot order?
-Higher numbers in HDToolBox take priority.
-Partitions nearer the start of the drive first if the priority numbers are =.
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