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Q: first install 3.1 and setup hd (it only found 2part of 4gb each - why?)
The ROM driver is limited to 16 heads, 63 sectors and 16383 cylinders which limits the drive size to 7.8 GB. This is all an unpatched OS 3.1 can see.

Q: if i install wb3.1 will the os 3.5 see the rest of the hd size?
Yes and no. The patched scsi.device can see the entire drive, but HDToolbox is not able to change the drive size without wiping all partitions.

You can use fixhddsize to make the rest of the drive visible without a complete reinstallation.

how will i do to install the OS3.5 on my hd.
With the above in mind the best way to install OS 3.5 (or OS 3.9) is:

- make a small OS 3.1 installation with CD-ROM drivers. Don't bother doing a full install, it will be deleted later anyway. Just copy the Workbench disk to a bootable partition and install CD-ROM drivers.

- run the OS 3.5 installer and create an emergency boot disk. In OS 3.5 this is the last choice in the menu, in OS 3.9 it's the first.

- boot from the emergency disk and use OS3.5's HDToolbox to install the HDD.

- install 3.1 and OS 3.5 Pre without reboot, then reboot and install OS 3.5 Main. (You can skip one reboot if you boot from the emergency disk. I think it's the one between 3.1 and 3.5 Pre.)
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