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Further detail later if required...

Your issues are rooted in the limitations of 3.1 (KS & WB):

-It can't see a CD drive by default so you need an OS before 3.5 (on CD) can be installed. Hence the need to install 3.1 first (kind-of).
-scsi.device that comes with 3.1 can't see drives bigger than 4gb-ish so that's all you'll see of your 20gb drive in HDToolBox. (Or any IDE drive larger than 4gb-ish)
This is what talks to your HDD @ low level.
-FFS in 3.1 can't use partitions larger than 2gb-ish - Watch out! if you try bigger it may seem to work but your data will soon be gone!
The bit that organises the files you put on your HDD.

So without the aid of something like WinUAE the above dictates certain limitations:
-Install an OS via floppy (3.1), so you can then access the CD to install 3.5.
-The boot partition you put 3.1 on to MUST be less than 2gb. (Same true of later OS's)
-Once 3.5 has replaced 3.1 the updated scsi.device should allow you full access to your 20gb via HDToolBox & partitions can be whatever size you like-ish.
For God's sake DON'T place any boot partitions so that ANY part of said partition is beyond 4gb & DON'T try to make ANY boot partition larger than 2gb-ish! You're relying on the limited ROM versions until 3.5 can load up 'better' versions.

Oh, and even when you've got 3.5 I really, really recommend you don't use FFS even in updated form but use SFS instead.

-Download a 68k copy of SFS, unpack & stick the file on a floppy.
-Install 3.1, making sure your boot partition is not too big - I wouldn't bother making any other partitions - leave the rest of the space free.
-Follow 3.5's instructions for installing for here on in.
-Now get that floppy with SFS on it & transfer the driver to L: on your SYS: (boot) partition.
-Then use HDToolBox to
a) fill the rest of your (hopefully) 20gb drive with partitions remembering you will need at least one more under the 4&2gb limits.
b) install SFS (from L: ) onto the RDB of your HDD & format your new partitions with SFS rather than FFS.
c) make your second partition under 4gb bootable.
-Next copy your new 3.5 install to the other bootable partition that is formatted with SFS - why?
-You're currently booting from an unreliable FFS partition so use HDToolBox to change that to SFS & re-format that!
Ahhh, so that's why I copied my new install to another bootable partition... can always copy it back again.

That should do.

No doubt others with have a swifter / less involved suggestion.
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