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Originally Posted by @UAE View Post
I have problem connecting to My pc with smbfs command .
anyone did connect Amiga to Vista pc with Samba ?

please help

LOL!!! Ho Ho. heh, If you solve the mystery of trying to get Samba for the Amiga to work with either XP or Vista I'll gladly PAY you to come round my house and configure my system to work. I'll even make you a meal .

I had another bash at this the other day, this time using Tango. It finds the browselist, connects, shows the list on XP of the available shares and when you connect it returns the error dialog "Please INSERT volume/disk...".

Translated, that would mean I've just removed the HD from an XP machine.

God, I hate this port to the Amiga so much!

Originally Posted by StevenJGore View Post
Sorry for the bump, but this seems like the best place to ask...

I've put my Amiga on my home network (wired rather than wireless) and I can access the internet via my ADSL router without any problems. I can also access my router's config page from the Amiga. I'm using MiamiDX, OS3.9 BB2, and a 3Com 3c589 PCMCIA card, BTW.

I've also been trying to access my shared directories on my Vista PC using SMBFS on the Amiga, but it just isn't working.

I've added the Amiga's IP address to my firewall (Comodo), in exactly the same way as I added the IP address for my wife's laptop and my work laptop, so I know this works.

I've tried pinging the Amiga from the PC, and I get "Destination host unreachable". Pinging the laptops works fine.

Similarly, SMBFS cannot find the IP address of my PC.

Any suggestions? I have a feeling it's something that I need to change/add in the MiamiDX config, rather than on the PC side.

(Amiga, Firewall, Router, Brick walls, etc my head has gone through ALL of them. I pretty much have the same setup as you do. I;ve also tried different versions of this software to no avail.

In addition is no longer available.

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