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Excellent freeware PC game from Japan

I found an excellent game for PC, in the PD scene, called Battle Painters

I found it in the site , the site of the makers of the game is :

The game concept is simple, it can be played by 1-4 players. There are 4 brushes in a white area, each brush is controlled by a player in a asteroids kind of way (the missing players are replaced by the computer). While the brush moves, it leaves ink behind, and each player has a different color. The player with most ink in the screen when the time ends, is the winner. Of course, you can paint where other player already painted, thus removing his ink, and putting your own. The game has nice power-ups , possibility of playing in teams (2x2) , and a "ranking mode" where you try to go for hi-scores.

This game is an absolute gem, and I played with a friend of mine for hours. I bet that with 4 players, the game will just be excellent. (And 4 players can easily play on keyboard, as each player uses only 2 keys : left and right )

It's the proof that the best games are still coming from Japan, and that if we look hard, we may still find good games, even in 2002
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