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OS3.9 graphics corruption when setting changed to put icons in "Other Memory"

Last night I changed the setting in the "Workbench" prefs that loads icons into either "Graphics Memory" or "Other Memory".

(Rather embarrassingly, I didn't even know this setting existed until I happened to read it in another thread! )

When set to "Graphics Memory", everything works fine and is 100% stable.

When set to "Other Memory", icon graphics are corrupt. They look fine until I try clicking or dragging them, and then they look corrupt (graphics are scrambled, for want of a better description). Thin bands of corrupt graphics appear across the whole width of the screen, particularly when accessing large directories. Also, after a few minutes of use, Workbench crashes (the whole screen turns a kind of semi-opaque white and the message "Workbench failed, Suspend/Reboot" appears.

Any suggestions? My system is solid as a rock otherwise. I've commented FBlit, NewWPA8, BlazeWCP, and other patches out of the start-up sequence, and it still happens.

I know I could just leave this setting alone, but obviously it saves a lot of chipram and makes it easier to load games and demos that require every last byte.

Setup: A1200, Apollo 1240/40 32MB, OS3.9 BB2, 8GB CF card and DVD/CD-RW connected to IDEfix adapter.

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