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FPGA Replay inside A590
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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The size of the PIC memory space is the limiting factor as is it's horse power.
Nice Update Yaqube, real major Update ;-)

A real step forwards Thanks for your hard work.
And I'm intrested how things are going from here..

Quote from Amiga org:


The hardfile support is next on my list.

But due to limited PIC resources (mainly RAM) expected transfer speed isn't high. Traversing through FAT on a disk seems to be a nightmare. That's why I've decided to switch to ARM microcontroller. Then it would be possible to add LFN and subfolder support (the FAT16 root directory is limited to 512 entries and you can have as many files there as long as all of them use 8.3 names - mixing lower and upper case letters or using some characters takes one LFN entry more). Also alphabetical sorting of files would be possible, currently they are displayed as their entries were created within root directory.

I have written small program (Windows) to sort alphabetically root directory entries on flash card and remove LFN's to make room for more files. Currently there is no point in using cards bigger then 512MB since you may have max 512 files (actually volume name takes one root entry so if you name your card you can have max 511 files) of 880KB each. It's good to format your card with maximum allowed cluster size of 32KB, access to files can be slightly faster. This program will be available soon after I do more tests.

I have designed an adapter board with ARM micro which can be plugged instead of existing PIC micro. The PCB is about to be manufactured. I consider it as the next step of Minimig evolution (all together with switching from SRAM to SDRAM, 16MB of SDRAM are cheaper and faster then 2MB of SRAM).

End Quote

So Nice things are coming from Yaqube in the future.
Times are good for the Minimig :-)

P.s I order one I want one !!!!

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