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I think you're reading the wrong thing into the TOSEC "craze". You have to look at the positive side of it. The advantage of TOSEC is disks become ID'd for what they are. It's useful for identifying whether you have a knackered disk, for example. "MY version works perfectly" is a comment you see very often in threads dealing with getting a game to work. If a filename is just called, how can you know if it's the same disk as someone who has the game working perfectly? Simple - you can't! And different versions have varying levels of compatibility both in emulation and on real Amigas. The Fairlight crack, for example, may not have used an address-crunched into that crashes anything but a real 1.2 OCS A1000, for example, while the Paranoimia version is finicky and buggy. The TOSEC filename allows you to selectively choose the version that will offer you the most compatibility.

As with all things, there will always be a sub-sect that wants everything. The collectors. If anything, your complaint should be directed at them (, The existance of TOSEC dats and their accompanying files does not force users into a compulsive "I must have everything" state of mind. Either one is like that or they aren't. TOSEC conventions just eases the burden of having this mentality since it organizes it all and puts names on things.
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