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Does anybody have a clue how to get it fixed?
Jeez, yet another victim of this stuff.

Well I think that these threads are speaking for itself:

Especially check out my WinFellow<->WinUAE confrontation (eg Crazy Seasons)

Again, folks: try to persuade Bernd Schmidt to fix this! After writing dozens of e-mails without getting any of them answered, I've literally given up persuading him.
I hope I can find time to dig through this one day (AND understand it), so that I can present you the solution for it. I promise to publish it here and then let Bernd wait 3 weeks for it until I send him the patch! (just as he did it with my e-mails )
Again, it's definitely NOT necessary to tweak the screen resolution for the graphics card by adding an additional screen mode, because WinFellow works in 768x576 without ANY other modifications. So this proves that it IS possible to fix it in the emulator.
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