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It seemed to me, when I read your post, that you've said Emuchina was down cause it had turned Tosec roms available, since you wrote:"EmuChina's biggest problem was when it went Tosec. (...) Now...we have EmuChina down"

I just pointed that was not the case.

Well, no one *needs* "32 different cracks and variations of Cadaver", like no one *needs* to collect coins, stamps, or whatever.

But you have a point, as this redundancy is something problematic. Imagine if in the future the TOSEC team started renaming all those Half-Life patches "for the sake of completeness". What abouy Mods? How many versions and betas of Counter-Strike are floating around? (and who would be so mentally impaired to collect these things?). Doom levels? Total Conversions?

One idea: there could be an "original version" or "parent" version (like in mame) and then "child" or "clone" versions wich would contain only the changed bytes or the changed files. So there would be a non cracked version, and the cracks/patches to be applied.

Maybe the disk/file system would need some modifications, but would save a lot of space.

Just an idea, but it could be worked on...

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