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Now I see what it is about
Plain look of the site (nothing bad about that), but (of course) most of the links don't work anymore after 8 years. I really hope you find the time to update the site Skippy
It used to have graphics, but I removed them in favour of a plain to look simplify web browsing for the Amiga (1999). The 'heavy weights' in the online Amiga community are still available. It's mainly personal homepages that are dead. A lot of personal websites were archived to AR.

The site moved more towards archiving in 2000 anyway as the Amiga's future looked so bleak. IE:commercial magazines dwindled, lack of support, software and hardware.

What would help update the site content, is people posting suggested links here maybe. IE: You Tube Amiga Related, Top 10 Amiga Bookmarks, Nostalgia.

I'm gonna cross-reference to the Elites anyway; EAB,, Ebay, AmiBay, Exotica, Aminet, You Tube and so forth...

But before all that, I'm having my breakfast.

(There is a German, French, and Japanese translated section that might need attention. I used Altavista back then)

Originally Posted by Magix View Post
Wow, you did it. I hope that you can update soon.
Yip! I validated the domain links, re-directed them to whdownload, and uploaded the lot from DVD.

And now I need food, and maybe a little nap.

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