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Originally Posted by musojon74 View Post
Nice work - cool looking site Good to see some new Amiga stuff coming out. I would be up for doing any tunes / sfx for any new projects.
Forums not accessible from here though.

Thanks for your efforts!
Thanks, hopefully we can get enough help to actually finish some of these exciting projects.

The forum is only accessible for developers working on our projects (link updated).

I've also fixed the typo in the slogan and added the Lemon Amiga Forum to the links section

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
The Underground Arcade forum was supposed to be kept a secret. Now it's been compromised and none of us can access it anymore. I don't know yet if this is a coincidence, and I'm not sure how we can get the forum back either. In any case, it kind of looks like the end of Underground Arcade already.
I wouldn't say that Cammy, it's very easy to create a new developers forum if the old one can't be saved.

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