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Going a bit too far, or am I?

Oh no, what have I begun? You're all insane!!!!

Let's get serious for a moment:

While we're all analysing "the hand" and it's valid connection to Amiga orientation, geography, quantum mechanics and artistic merit, ever noticed it's connection to either the supernatural or possessing origins not of this earth?

It may be just me, but that hand holding the disk looks like no human hand I've ever seen. It's pure white, 2D and it's shape appears fuzzy and distorted as if it's phasing in and out of our reality. Even the bottom of the hand is cut off, or so it appears. I believe it's simply reaching out of the screen from another dimension!

Stick with me on this one. Let's look at facts:

If commodore had meant that hand to be human, they would've:

a) chosen a 3D representation

b) not chosen white, but cycled hand colours in order to be politically correct

c) wouldn’t have made the hand look like “the thing” out of the Adams Family because if it was meant to be a true representation of a human cut off hand they would have infringed copyright.

That's why I believe that a being of pure white light from another 2D alternate reality who posses intelligence beyond our comprehension sanctioned the Amiga due to it's superb design. As a mark of respect, Commodore placed a portrayal of this being in the Kickstart 1.3 ROM in order to act as a doorway, a sort of "plan B" escape route if things went wrong in the future.

My belief is soon (in the Amiga's next coming) we'll have some kind of Temporal Anomaly showing up on 1.3 machines that shifts the timeline in favour of the Amiga, all due to "the hand"!

It will be a great day Amiga brothers, your silicon preacher "Bloodwych" has spoken. The day will come. Tell this to all your kiddies (preferable around a camp fire).

In order to encourage this great second Amiga coming or "the rebirth of fattest agnus" as I like to call it, you'll be pleased to know that I accept all donations and in return I'm supplying "the hand" TM t-shirts. - the symbol of Amiga hope.

Stare longingly into the picture above. Honour thy hand, make the temporal anomaly happen. Wish power upon the WB 1.3. Lose yourself within its charms. Believe.

I thank you. :welcome

PS - Remember, with the "the hand" money speaks louder than words. Open the Amiga's future, pm me now with your donation.

Did I mention money?

did I say:


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