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WinUAE 1.5.2 released

Please, do not post bug reports or other "technical" questions here. This is not prb.WinUAE, I won't reply to bug reports here.

WinUAE 1.5.2 released.

Major 1.5.1 bug fixed:

- Random crashing if USB mouse or joystick inserted.

Other bugs fixed:

- Only titlebar was visible if minimized window was restored.
- Bottom part of display was not updated in bigger than display RTG modes.
- uae-configuration/uaectrl didn't always work.
- Bsdsocket emulation was not initialized in some configurations.
- Catweasel MK4 joystick/mouse compatibility improved.
- uaescsi.device media change didn't update all geometry parameters.
- Sound mute on/off inputevent fixed.

New features:

- Store relative ROM paths in ini-file mode.
- OpenAL sound support (experimental).
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