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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Hi Ungi!

Did you not rate Black Crypt?
hi Angus!

Black Crypt was ok, but I didn´t play it very long. So I didn´t rate it. It was one of the many Dungeon Master clones that followed in the years after, like Captive 1+2, Bloodwych, Crystal Dragon, Abandoned Places 1+2, Knightmare, Hired Guns, Xenomorph and some more.

As for Dungeon Master 2 being too hard, I'd say (like a lot of RPGs) it wasn't so much that it was hard, as that it was unrewarding - I don't need escapism to have somebody finding me lots of tedious jobs to do - I can get that in real life. What I think seperates Dungeon Master and the better games is that the authors managed to keep the player's motivation high.
I meant that the stand alone expansion of Dungeon Master, called "Chaos Strikes Back", was too hard. Dungeon Master 2 was just another Dungeon Master clone, appearing many years after the original.

Originally Posted by marco pedrana View Post
Keys to Maramon is cool! it has much more depth that your usual dungeon crawler (specially more than the modern ones)

are we both talking about the same game???

I found no depth in it, even after searching for hours. Tastes are differnt, but this game was awful for me.

Magic Candle 2 or 3 is fine, though. Not comparable to Maramon.

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