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Hi Mfilos,

Sorry, I really should have included some more detailed information... it is an A1200 setup with a standard 4-way IDE adapter - I don't believe it is buffered or anything, just an IDE-Fix job from way back.

The standard configuration I use for 3.9 is the HD as the Primary Channel Master and the CD-ROM drive as the Secondary Channel Slave - this works 100% in 3.9 - however, I know that the Amiga OS 4 installation doesn't recognise the 4-way adapter correctly for the installation and I had to put the CD-ROM drive on to the Primary Channel as a Slave.

The real funny thing was, I removed the new drive and replaced it with the old, and tried booting into the Installation and it worked perfectly well!!

So I tried another couple of things - I had a feeling maybe the Installer couldn't find all the partitions correctly, seeing as I had created myself a 500mb 3.9 partition... so I juggled it about and resized it down to 250mb, and low and behold, that got the Installer working.

However though, after completing the installation on the new disk, I couldnt boot it - the disk spins up and loads for a while, but the same issue... a black screen.
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