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Originally Posted by RickyC View Post
So i would recommened black if you see it cheap.
Last time I saw it it was 10 bucks, one of more expensive games. I still might get it later, after I finish first game. (at act 10 atm )

Originally Posted by RickyC View Post
Fable the lost chapters is everything fable is but with more to the story. So where the first fable ended, lost chapters carries out with more towns, bosses, weapons. While having all the story fable had.
So there is no point to get Fable as I have lost chapter on. Thanks!

Originally Posted by RickyC View Post
I said this before but if you want a real nice 1st/3rd shooter adventure Strangers wrath is the best! Might be hard to find though. HL2 doesnt run great on the xbox, i would of suggested PC version if you could.
I already had Strangers Wrath, great game with strange weapons. I loved previous Oddworld games (I have them all) so it was not surprise that I got this game before I even had system.

Originally Posted by RickyC View Post
Forza is good but i prefer project gotham 2 for online and a more fun feel. Though PGR2 is more arcade like and no customization.
Now I have them all, except Burnout games. (for some strange reason didn't get any of those games )

With latest additions I have over 60 games. Just month ago I had a bit more then 30 games.

@alexh, at the moment I don't have much time but soon as I'm done with some construction projects, I will have more time to play those games. ATM I'm buying more then playing, as I know that eventually they will have less games with higher price.

@KG, Retroplay and Dizzy - thanks! I'll check Grid Radio.

@Chuckles - I like boxing games, especially Ready 2 Rumble on DC. Are Fight Nights close to this one? (cover looks more serious game)

Are there any good 2D platformers on xBox?
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