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Speris didn't appear to offer much in the way of anything past fetch questing? and rather simple everything else like combat.

I only played it for some 2 maybe 3 hours but it was fairly typical of an unambitous Amiga game and came up a little short.Perhaps a tad unfair in that console games almost always seemed more ambitous and less bedroom made than their Amiga equivalents

An rpg designed with the A1200 in mind potentially at least could be rather excellent but for it to be of the quality of a Zelda, Mana,Tales or FF, takes something more than just a group of people wanting to write an rpg for the Amiga.The great machine does deserve at least one though

Quite possible in Blitz with the right planning and determination.Only wish i had more time to do stuff like this as i'm sure like me, you and many others have a ton of excellent game ideas begging to be made

So then who's going to make the first really good game of this type for Amiga?

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